Tuesday, December 06, 2005

meditations on home

Home is where?
Where the heart is say some.
Where you reside say others.
Where you feel most comfortable is also a common definition.
There are others, in fact, I think that most people have their own definition of what “home” is and as people grow, what they define as “home” evolves. From a street address to perhaps a wider district and on from there, perhaps returning to (the most basic) a physical structure or expanding so far that “home” becomes a refuge found only within.
The keenest observers of humanity, the artists, tackle ‘home’ as a concept (I’d wager) more often than they tackle the concept/issue of love. (There is also the relationship between home and love, but that is a whole other issue. One (in my current thinking) best left to mulling over in the wee hours of the morning over a snifter or hot cup of mint tea) While it may not be an obvious theme, identifying home can often be identified in some form in the subtext of a work.
The Waifs lay it right out in the open in their song “When I Die”

When I die won’t you bury me
In the town where I was born
Most of my life I’ve been rambling free
When I die I want to come back home

Ever since I was a baby child
I knew I was born to roam
I had to climb to the top of the hill
Just to see what lies beyond
Now seasons change and I am still the same
I don’t belong to anyone
Still a piece of me will always be
Sitting in my hometown sun

In my time I have seen ten thousand setting suns
And I made my bed where I lay my head
And it never hurt anyone
It could be said that a girl like me
Ain’t nothing but a prodigal son
And just like that prodigal boy I’m gonna finish off where I've begun

It seems so obvious that what we define as home will evolve as we grow, but it can come as a very large shock to your system when you actually realise that what you define as home has changed.

With all that’s happened this year, I should have seen it coming (I'm kicking myself for not and planning for it); But what I define as home has changed- and I’m not sure what to do.

I will be going home in a week. That is the destination, but I don't know if 'home' will be there when I arrive.


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Home is ...

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