Sunday, November 20, 2005

c'est fini

-Last shift at work today!
-Chef gave me a standing offer of a visa sponsorship and a contract last night
-some new pictures here

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well the strep is gone, as far as I can tell. Thank you all for your get well soon messages.

Time is running short in Port Douglas. One week from today I will be southbound, heading to Kewarra Beach to spend the night before heading to the airport in Cairns on the 23rd. From there I am flying to Darwin to spend a few days before heading south. I'm not sure of the timetable, but I am planning to be back in Melbourne on or before the 5th of December. Updates may be infrequent, but hopefully there will be some great pictures that come out of the trip!
Not much else to report.
A month and I'll be back home in Winter.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Camera crew

There are some times in my life when I wish I had camera crew filming what I do. Recently, as I was chasing a friend down the street at 4am with a 10 ft palm tree, I had such a wish. I will blame the shenanigans on thr tropical heat. aaaaaand perhaps dark spirits and coca cola.

Monday, November 07, 2005


So, the doctor says I have Strep throat and I should take it easy for a couple days. It works out well as I have today and tomorrow off... He gave me a scrip for an antibiotic and something with 30mg of codine in it... at least I'll be feeling better...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Damn this heat

Today, I am grumpy and miserable. I just wanted to set the tone straight off.
It is hot today, just like every other day since I've gotten to port. It is also humid; again not a change.
What makes today different is having a fever, a throat so dry it feels like fire, a swollen left Achilles, a splitting headache and not being able to keep anything I put down down. The fever is worrisome, but it is the spewing (aussie term for throwing up) that is freaking me out the most because if I cant even keep water down I can't stay hydrated, which in conjunction with the above mentioned heat is not a good thing.
Man, I feel like crap.
I have to work this afternoon too, which is bringing me no end of joy. At least work today will be better than yesterday. Why do I know this? you may ask. Well yesterday I got all the totally shitty jobs out of the way. Like making tomato pasta sauce; ordinarily not a bad thing. Right? Well ask me how much I had to make. Go on. Do it.
Why I'm so glad you asked! About THREE HUNDRED LITERS. ooooh yeah. That's a lot of sauce when it's all in the cooking stage. By the time I was done I looked like a, well, I don't know what I looked like, but I was frikken covered in sauce. But at least it is out of the way now, and so is a bunch of prep for the next two days.
I really hope I feel better tomorrow because I have the day off and I can think of more geographically advantageous things to do than laying in my bed with the ceiling fan on full, listening to Ani Difranco and feeling sorry for myself.

Phew. Now I feel kind of bad that you had to read that. I'm sorry. I just had to get it out.
Hmm, I'll post a couple more pictures to make it up to you.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


three new pictures up here!

At risk of being embarassed by no replies, is there anything that people would like to see a picture of?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

the ultimate don't wait up for me to call..

Me: Well give me your email adress and I'll let you know when I'm heading home.
Her: Okay, but don't be mad if I don't email you back right away. I'm going to a remote monestary to meditate for a while...