Sunday, August 28, 2005

Beer and Hangovers in Brisvegas

Why is it that every time I go to write an update, I am nearly out of time on these pay for internet machines? How I yearn for the days of unlimited internet access.

Well, I suppose I should quickly bring you up to speed.
I am now in Brisbane. We arrived here yesterday, on the sixth day of this journey. It's hard to believe that it has only been six days! We got here Via Coolengata (sp?) and Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast. It was a busy couple of days, but the sun and sand in Surfer's made it all worth while.

wow, the neatest thing about these internet terminals it the screen starts to flash when you are running out of time! as has just happened.
so sorry.
Hey, if you want a postcard from Brisbane. Comment and tell me why YOU should get it. and i'll select one person and send you a card!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Byron Bay" the crowd broke into wild cheering and raising of glasses. I grinned; this is what I was looking for...

Wow, the last four days have been a bit of a whirlwind. Very early Saturday Am after a huge night out and no sleep We were on a plane out of Melbourne bound for Sydney. By 9 we were having breakfast in Manly and by noon we were on the train to Newcastle. Overnighted there in a lovely Hostel. Sunday saw us on a train to Port Macquarie. We arrived in the early evening, had a lovely moonlight walk, some average pizza, watched a Bond movie with the other hostelers and called it an early night. Monday morning was a kayak trip through the Mangrove trees on the Hastings River and out into the bay to do a bit of kayak surfing; very cool. The afternoon was travelling to Coffs Harbour. Tuesday morning was a trip to the BIG BANANA. It is quite litterally a big steel and concrete banana, though not as big as I was expecting. Tuesday afternoon we caught the train to Byron where I am now.

Yikes, internet time is out and there is a line up for this computer, I'll fill in more in the next couple days when I can.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I'll just put this back on the shelf

Who would know? Who would Guess? That an end of the line Bart Simpson beach towel could cost $35 AUD. This shocking discovery was just one that was made in the past week as I have undergone the process of pulling up roots again.
Tomorrow morning at 6:15 am I will be airborne heading north for an indefinite stint as a backpacker. Behind me I leave my ikea furnished room, regular internet access, a hot shower, a fridge, and my tea pot. It's a bit crazy I know, but I really feel the need to do something a bit crazy (dodging trams isn't quite cutting it anymore). There is something very therapeutic and zen like about paring down your possessions to only what you can carry on your back. I ARE NOMAD. HEAR ME ROAR. The saddest thing about the trip so far, is that my faithful diskman 'bit it' yesterday which leaves me musicless (save the songs I'll sing myself) for the foreseeable future. Maybe I'll buy a Ukelelee (sp?) and become a Nomadic musician. The possibilities are endless. Endless I tell you!!

The sky is easier to reach when there is nothing holding you to the ground.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday Walk

I went for a walk today in search of shorts (for going north with), food (for dinner), and sunshine (because I wanted some). The wind howled down Chapel St as I set off. Little bits of rain began to speckle the sidewalk. I zipped up the collar on my vest and shrugged my chin behind it as I contemplated changing the name of this blog. The shorts shop was closed. I kept on to the supermarket and got dinner makings. The weather seemed to worsen as I began the trip home. "Ah well" I thought, reviewing what I'd set out to do, "one for three isn't bad." I trudged onward, head down and shoulders hunched against the wind. And then something caught my eye. Light was glaring off a wall in a sides street just ahead of me. Curious, I trotted over to have a look. What I saw was this: a single ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds to illuminate the left side of the sides street. It was so unexpected! I stood there in the wind and the wet half expecting a K-pax moment. It didn't happen, but there was something a little odd. By the time I'd picked up my grocery bags, the sun was back behind clouds and the moment was gone. Shoulders hunched, I continued on my way; two outa three ain’t bad...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Dear faithful blog readers. As several of you have kindly noted. There has been no update for quite some time. I'm sorry for this. Due to a small blunder on my part, the following post didn't appear earlier in the week as planned (I saved it as a draft instead of publishing it... ooops.).
It goes with the pictures that you have probably already found!
Sorry 'bout the wait,

It doesn’t matter if it's called footy, aerial ping pong, Aussie rules or the AFL, it is the great Aussie pastime of Australian Rules Football and on Saturday I got to experience it. I've been trying to get to a game for a couple of months but it just hadn't worked until Saturday.
*ring ring*
"G'day Tim, it's Jane. Howaya?"
"hey, good thanks mate, what's happening?"
"we're going to go hoon it up at the footy mate, you should come!"
"yeah alright, sounds like fun where are you now?"
"at the Royal having pre game pints."
"the game doesn’t start for two hours..."
"exactly! You’re late ya piker! Call when you're nearby"
I grabbed my warmest sweater and headed out the door. I have never really been out in the city when there is a footy game on; it is quite a sight. Beginning on the train to Spencer Street: people. Crowds of people. (dressed like this) People wearing footy hats, people wearing footy scarves. People wearing footy jackets, people driving footy cars. (well, ok not cars, but I needed it for the implied rhyme ok? ok.) Children with flags, old ladies with signs, a 20-something girl wearing a rather short skirt to better show off her nylons which were striped the colours of her team. Hordes of people, over FIFTY THOUSAND of them, surging through the streets towards the stadium. I marvelled at the sight as I fought my way cross-current to get to the Royal. I find Jane and Batsey perched precariously on bar stools sucking down pints. I join them as I get a crash course in the rules of Aussie Rules (better to know something about the game I'm about to watch). Batsey's already slurred speech makes his accent even more difficult to understand and soon I'm just smiling and nodding. Jane steps in and offers a more comprehendible version; but I still feel pretty lost. It sounds like a combination of soccer, rugby, handball, North American Football and Olympic wrestling. This should be fun at least!
'Pre-game pints' finished, we step outside and are swept along by the throngs of people heading to the stadium. Soon we are standing outside 'Telstra Dome' where a huge marquee reads: TONIGHT: AFL SYDNEY vs. ESSENDON. It is then that I finally think to ask "So, who am I supposed to cheer for?" "SYDNEY!" a guy replies as he staggers past. "Shad ap yer blasted yobo!" Batsey slurs back. I turn to Jane, my face a question, "Essendon" she replies. Tickets purchased, we enter the biggest sporting venue I have ever been in.
The Natural grass playing surface of Telstra Dome is 19,053 square METERS. In footy configuration it can seat 53,400 people, though for a catholic mass last year over 70,000 people attended. It's bigger than the old Prospera hockey arena to be sure.
We search for our seats as the game begins. Jane can't stand to be missing the action so we grab meat pies and drinks and stand and watch until Essendon has built up a comfortable lead. By the time we get to our seats, Sydney had drawn even and by the time the second round is dry they are up two goals (12pts). The game seesaws back and forth, but by the middle of the third quarter, Sydney is killing the Essendon defence. The referee makes a call that the crowd doesn’t like and there is a roar of discontent. All around me people are booing and calling insults: "You've got eyes like my blind mother" "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" "He wasn't" "BLOODY HELL!" "GOOSE AND A CAT MATE! WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?" "TAKE HIM OFF" "NO GOOD!" I get caught up in the yelling and offer up "JUMP on his head". A few mouths fall silent as their heads turn to stare at me. Batsey looks at me with a crooked grin, wobbles to his feet and raising a half empty beer in a defiant salute, yells "JUMP ON THAT WHACKA'S ’EAD". Jane and I collapse in hysterics. It's all for naught as Sydney kicks home two more goals. We get another round to drown our sorrows and soon it is over. Though it was only a 10 point split in the end the looks on some Essendon fans face's was pure tragedy! We collect our things and join the leaving crowds. We say our goodbyes and then I board the footy train for home. The Sydney fans sing their team's anthem and the Essendon fans sulk.
To think, I could have done this every free weekend night I had. Ah well, judging by the softness of my teeth it's probably a good thing I haven't.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I am now the proud owner of tickets to the Foo Fighters live at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, Melbourne. Anyone else who wants some, can't get them 'till Monday. When you're this good, sometimes it hurts (only sometimes though...).

I am ridiculously pleased with myself, and it's not even one o'clock...

Monday, August 01, 2005

we have the technology

Recently, I've had a dilemma. I've wanted to post pictures to illustrate my stories where I can, but I didn't want to bog this page down with big files.
What to do?
Well, after an evening in front of the computer, I am thirsty, hungry and tired, but I have a solution.
I'll bog down another page!
I'm so clever, I've created a photoblog to run alongside this one!

You can find it here:

I will try to leave a note in this blog when I post new pictures in that blog so you don't have to keep an eye on two places at once!
As usual, please let me know if you have any issues with it (pics not displaying properly etc.).

For your viewing pleasure, the first post is some pictures from the farm.